Welcome to “MSforID“!

The Wiley Registry of Tandem Mass Spectral Data, MSforID is a database of tandem mass spectra allowing the identification of small molecules.

Due to the combination of a unique search algorithm and an advanced database structure, “MSforID” allows sensitive and specific identification of small molecules irrespective of the instrument used to generate the data.

Library entries were generated on a high-resolution instrument with electrospray ionization in positive and negative ion mode.

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Welcome “MSforID”!

Over the last 5 years we were working on the development of a tandem mass spectrometric library and an appropriate search algorithm. In several publications we were able to demonstrate the outstanding sensitivity and selectivity of our approach.

Allthough a number of databases became available over the last years, there is still a demand for a tandem mass spectrometric library offering high quality data. Accordingly, our goal is to provide puplic access to such an identification tool via this internet platform.

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